The Perche Regional Natural Park

The Perche Regional Natural Park is located in the south of Normandy, straddling the departments of Orne and Eure-et-Loir. It is a region that I like very much, ideal for going green, resting or hiking, taking the time and slowing down (even if in the end we always stay active!).In this article, I invite you […]

Malioboro Street Yogya

Yogya is the second most famous tourist destination in Indonesia. Number one is Bali. Bali has been internationally popular. And, similar to Bali, Yogya also gain its popularity because of its tradition. There are a lot of places to visit in Yogya. One of the must visit is the Malioboro street. Malioboro is the name […]

Ngasem Bird Market

Yogya is one of the tourist destination in Indonesia. The city is full with cultural ambient, because Yogya is the only kingdom province in Indonesia. The king of Yogya is Sultan. And, Sultan is also the governor of the province. The Sultan kingdom is one of the popular tourist destination in Yogya. The Sultan kingdom […]

Kurgaldzhinsky reserve Kazakhstan

Kurgaldzhinsky reserve is one of the beautiful sites in Kazakhstan, Central Asia. It is famous for its rich world of animals, lakes full of fish, and flocks of pink flamingoes. Location: The reserve is located in the Kurgaldzhinsky district of the Akmola region, 130 km southwest of Astana. Brief: Kurgaldzhin State Nature Reserve is located […]

Lurik Java clothing

Aside from batik, Javanese people also has lurik as their traditional clothing. Lurik is a pattern in a piece of fabric. We can find lurik in Java since a long time ago. Lurik is not as expensive as batik. Lurik as Java clothing is cheaper than batik. It is quite easy to find lurik in […]

Karatau Nature Reserve

Karatau Nature Reserve is one of the nature reserves in Kazakhstan, Central Asia. Precisely, its location is in the central part of the Karatau ridge, which is a branch of the northwestern arches of the Tien Shan in the territory of the South Kazakhstan region. Location: The reserve territory occupies the southern slope of the […]