Selarong Cave Yogya

Yogya is one of tourist destination in Indonesia. It is number two after Bali. Bali has a lot of tourist destination. Similarly, Yogya also has many. There are man-made and natural spots. Beside mountains and beaches, there are some caves. For example, there is a Selarong cave. It is in Yogya. Moreover, it is in […]

The most beautiful beaches of Aruba

Beautiful, very beautiful, superb … It is difficult to choose from all the beaches of Aruba. Are you looking for the finest or whitest sand, or the most crystalline water? Or maybe a shallow place, suitable for children? Or why not an impressive place, or even a festive one? Whatever you want, you will find […]

Beautiful Beaches in Africa

Africa has quite a few beautiful beaches, here are some of them from Morocco to Mauritius. What to dream of… Its spots are called La Sarga, Foum el Bouir, Arish or La pointe d’Or and each year there is a world kite-surfing championship. Between the Sahara Desert and the Atlantic Ocean, Dakhla remains away from […]

Beringharjo Market Yogya

Market is one of the pillar for a city. A city will need a market to support their economic activities. It’s not just for a modern city. But, also for an empire. A kingdom also need a market. Likewise with the Javanese kingdom. One of the Javanese kingdom is the Yogyakarta palace. The Yogya palace […]