Andaliman Batak special spice

Maybe not many people, especially outside North Sumatra know the name Andaliman. This is the name of the typical seasoning of the Toba and Medan Batak in North Sumatra, Indonesia. In fact, this spice is quite important in culinary in North Sumatra. Andaliman is in a small round shape like a nutmeg. It has a distinctive flavor. Moreover, it leaves traces of bitterness, weakness, or invulnerability on the tongue. Below is more about andaliman Batak special spice.

Andaliman is a Batak Toba tribe’s special spice

Maybe there are still many people who do not know what kind of andaliman form before it becomes a mainstay of spices typical of Toba and Medan Batak dishes. Small round bunches, as big as peppers. It feels special to leave a trace of soy sauce on the tongue while enjoying the spicy andaliman Batak special spice dish.

The spice which has the Latin name Zanthoxylum acanthopodium is a type of flower in the citrus family. We can also find the use of its skin in many cuisines in East and South Asia. They often refer to it as Szechuan Peper. In North Sumatra, it is known as “Batak Pepper”.

Andaliman is a citrus family containing natural vitamins C and E which function to maintain the immune system. It also contains essential oil compounds and alkaloids which function as anti-oxidants and anti-microbial properties. Andaliman has fulfilled the principles of gastronomy.

The habit of eating good food is by relying on local wisdom. The taste trip to Toba could be very memorable because it not only fulfilled the emotions of the tongue, but also added to the culinary experience by exploring the strength of the special spices of the area.

We can find andaliman itself in traditional markets in a whole condition or already in the form of fine spices ready for processing or in the form of pasta. Once the magnitude of the role of this special spice in Medan and Toba cuisine such as Arsik, Nanimura, Mie Gomak. The strong orange aroma of seasoning which has another name Intir-Intir, is able to eliminate the fishy fishy smell, even though raw.

Andaliman’s popularity

If in North Sumatra this spice is less popular. Then the opposite happened in East and South Asia. Andaliman’s lack of popularity, especially among young people, must be a challenge.

This is our challenge to preserve Indonesian gastronomy through culinary heritage. That is our concern, preserving culinary traditions that have long been rooted in the local.

The existence of andaliman in Batak cuisine is an asset of culinary heritage that needs to be continuously explored, preserved, socialized, and publicized. Because this is one of the historical traces of Indonesian spice travel in the world spice map.

Want to taste the dishes flavored by Andaliman, then just come to Lake Toba Enchantment Independence Carnival in Balige. A typical Batak culinary party will bring the community to experience Andaliman’s spicy food. In the event, the public could watch the national artist’s concert at Pantai Bebas, Parapat.