Beringharjo Market Yogya

Market is one of the pillar for a city. A city will need a market to support their economic activities. It’s not just for a modern city. But, also for an empire. A kingdom also need a market. Likewise with the Javanese kingdom. One of the Javanese kingdom is the Yogyakarta palace. The Yogya palace established a market for their empire. There were four pillars for the live of Yogya kingdom. The first pillar is the palace for the live of the royal family. Secondly, a mosque for religious rituals. Thirdly, an alun-alun (city hall) for public gathering. And, lastly is a market to accommodate their economic activities. Every market has a name. The Sultan gave a name for the market as Beringharjo market Yogya.

History of Beringharjo market Yogya

Beringharjo is a traditional market. It was formally established in 1925. Before that, people already made a transaction in that place. Even that it was only on a piece of a land under a tree. After the Sultan Hamengkubuwono VIII ascended the throne in 1925, he asked a dutch company to build market lots. Then, he name it as Beringharjo market. It contains a meaning. Beringharjo comprises of two words. First word is bering. While, the second word is harjo. Bering comes from beringin. Beringin in Javanese language means banyan tree. Banyan tree has a symbol of greatness and aegis to people. There were banyan trees in that place. Secondly, harjo means prosperity. So, beringharjo means prosperity under the banyan trees.

How to go to Beringharjo?

Beringharjo is in the city center. It is in Malioboro street. We can reach the market by public transportation. By a train, we can stop by in the main train station (Tugu train station). And, we can walk through Malioboro street. It is about 1 km away. Or, we can use rickshaw or a horse cart. It will cost us about USD 1 – 2. Meanwhile, if we ride a bus, we can stop by in the front of the market.

There are many things we can find there. For example, we can find batik, lurik, traditional food, crafts, etc. Likewise in other traditional market, we can bergain in here. Also, the price is relatively cheap.