Ginger Herb Java

Indonesia is a country in south east Asia region that lies in the equator. That’s why it has a tropical weather. There are a lot of plants live in almost all areas in the country. Each place has its own specific plants. For instance, in Papua, they have a red fruit plant which has a lot of benefits, including as an alternative medicine. In Java, people has rhizomes. One of it is ginger. Ginger is a tropical plant. It belongs to Curcuma genus together with the other 100 species. People have used ginger as a herb of Java since their ancestors. Alternatively, people also use ginger as a traditional medicine.

What is Ginger Herb Java?

Ginger is one of the herbs which is quite popular in Java. It has a scientific name as Zingiber officinale. People in Java use it in various purposes. For instance, as ingridient of baking, candy, cooking, etc.

Historically, ginger came to Indonesia from India. But, some people believed that it came from China. Later on, during the colonialism, Dutch brought this ginger to Europe. Because, they found the benefits of ginger to their health. It gave warm to their body, which they need in their cold weather.

Since beginning, people in Java use ginger as part of the ingredients for their cook. Even though, the ginger has been spread widely to all areas in the country now. It has a local name in each area. Like in Java, people call it as jahe. Ginger contains of antimicrobial component, so it has the ability to preserve food. Beside that, people also believe that ginger can cure nausea. It contains of 2 – 3% essential oil. Those essential oils are zingiberen, kaempferia, limonen, bomeol, cineol, zingeberal, linalool, geraniol, kabikol, zingiberol, gingerol, and shogaol.

What are the benefits of ginger?

People make a drink from ginger. It gives warm to the body. They also make a ginger candy. So, it is easy to bring and children can eat it. Furthermore, people make creation of ginger cake.

Study shows that ginger has a lot of benefits. In general, ginger contains of useful ingredients such as starch, essential oils, fiber, small amount of protein, vitamins, minerals, and proteolytic enzymes called zingibain. The Food Drug Administration (FDA) has list ginger in the Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) document.

Traditionally, people believe that ginger can cure several diseases like rheumatism, asthma, stroke, toothache, diabetes, muscle pain, throat, cramps, hypertension, nausea, fever, and infection. In some conditions, we can consume ginger as a supplement during cough and flu. For the ease of distribution, people process it into several products. For example, instant drink, powder, candy, capsule, etc. Nowadays, it is easy to find ginger products. We can find it in drug store. And, it is cheap. We also ship ginger globally. Either the plant or the products.