Gudeg Java Traditional food

Every place has its own traditional food. So as in Java Island of Indonesia. There are many traditional foods in Java. Most of it is sweet food, and one of it is gudeg. Gudeg is Java traditional food, and we can find gudeg in Yogya or Solo. However, gudeg in Yogya has major difference than gudeg in Solo. Gudeg in Yogya tends to be more sweet than in Solo.

History of Gudeg a traditional food from Java

Gudeg is a kind of cuisine, a Javanese traditional cuisine. Gudeg has a long story. It is originally came from Mataram kingdom, which was the origin of Solo Mangkunegaran kingdom and Yogya Sultan kingdom. Panembahan Senopati, who was the founder of Islamic Mataram kingdom, built the kingdom by clearing a jungle (named Alas Mentaok or Mentaok jungle) in about 15th century. He and his troops found a lot of jack fruit and coconut tree in the jungle. Then, to feed his troops, he made a cuisine based from jack fruit and coconut.

What is Gudeg?

Gudeg is a Javanese traditional cuisine made from young jack fruit cooked with coconut milk. Beside coconut milk, we need to add palm sugar, herbs, and other ingredients to make it more delicious. Here are the ingredients people usually use: lemongrass, galangal, bay leaf, lime leaf, shallot, garlic, coriander, pepper, and candlenut.

You will easily find gudeg restaurants in Yogya. It is currently spread in all areas in the middle area in Java island, such as Yogya, Solo, and Semarang. There are two kinds of gudeg, that is dry gudeng and wet gudeg. The dry gudeg is mostly in Yogya area. While, the wet gudeg is mostly in Solo of Central Java area. The dry gudeg tends to be more sweet than the wet gudeg. As a cuisine, people usually eat gudeg with various side dish, such as sweet steamed tofu, tempe, chicken, or egg.

Actually, gudeg as a Javanese traditional food, is not pricey. It depends on the side dish you take and where you buy it. You can buy gudeg from a street vendor, in a restaurant, or even in a hotel. The more cozy place, the more pricey it is. On a street warung (street vendor), we can enjoy gudeg complete with its condiment and rice as 25 – 30 thousand Indonesian rupiah (approx. USD 2 – 3). The price can be doubled in a restaurant or a hotel because they serve it better. So, don’t forget to taste gudeg when you visit Yogya or Solo!