Malioboro Street Yogya

Malioboro street of Yogya
The road sign of Malioboro street in Yogya with its Javanese alphabet

Yogya is the second most famous tourist destination in Indonesia. Number one is Bali. Bali has been internationally popular. And, similar to Bali, Yogya also gain its popularity because of its tradition. There are a lot of places to visit in Yogya. One of the must visit is the Malioboro street. Malioboro is the name of the main street in Yogya. All cities in the world has main street. So as Yogya. The main street for tourism is the Malioboro street in Yogya.

History of Malioboro Street in Yogya

Yogya is a special province in Indonesia. There are two kingdoms in Yogya. Those are the Sultan kingdom and the Pakualam kingdom. The Sultan automatically becomes the governor. Meanwhile, the Pakualam is the vice governor. Consequently, there is no election in Yogya. However, the people is not object to this. Moreover, this specialty has been in place since the independence day.

Anyway, in every kingdom there is a city hall. In front of Sultan kingdom, there are two city halls. Those are the north and south city halls. Beside the city hall, there are also some other landmarks. One of it is the main street. The name of it is the Malioboro street. This street is important in Yogya. Because it imaginary connects the palace with the mountain. The name of the mountain is Merapi. With Malioboro, the palace is in one straight line with Merapi mountain. That’s why then the Malioboro street played its important role in Yogya’s history.

Historically, Malioboro name conceive a philosophy. Malioboro consists of two words. Those are the malio and mboro. Malio means let’s become a priest. And, mboro means make a journey/wander. So, the meaning of malioboro is be a wandering guardian/priest.

How to go to Malioboro

It is very easy to reach Malioboro. Because Malioboro is in the center of the city. The easiest way is by using train. Malioboro street is in the front of the main train station. The name of main train station is Tugu train station. However, if we use bus, we need to take a city bus to go to Malioboro. And, if we use plane, we need to take a taxi or a bus.

In conclusion, we must visit Malioboro street when we travel to Yogya. Beside shops and street vendors, there are street performances also. For example, we can see street dancer, traditional music, puppet show, etc. In some occasions, the local government organize it. To accommodate this, in certain days, the government close the street for motor vehicles. So, we have to walk. Or, we can take an andong (horse cart) or becak (rickshaw).

Rickshaw and horse cart in Yogya
The becak (rickshaw) in the left and andong (horse cart) in the right in Malioboro sreet of Yogya
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