Parangtritis Beach Yogya

Yogya is one of tourist destination in Indonesia. There are a lot of places to go including beaches. This is because Yogya is in the south coast of Java island. That’s why Yogya has many beautiful beaches. And, one of the beach is Parangtritis. It is very popular since long time a go. People already knew Parangtritis as a beach in Yogya. According to the culture, it has a history. Likewise other cultural heritages, the history is related to the kingdom.

Parangtritis beach Yogya
Parangtritis beach Yogya

History of Parangtritis beach Yogya

Parangtritis is in the southern coast of Yogya. It played an important role in Yogya’s history. It is because of it’s location. It’s location is in straight line with the palace. Moreover, it is in one straight line between the beach, palace, and the mountain. Due to it’s imaginary straight line, it conceive a philosophy. The mountain of Merapi is in the north. Meanwhile, the Parangtritis beach is in the south. And, the Yogya palace is in between. The mountain represents fire. Subsequently, the beach represents water. Consequently, the palace plays a role to mediate between those two.

Parangtritis as a name also has a meaning. It consists of two words, parang and tumaritis. Parang means rocks. And, tumaritis means water drops. So, parang and tumaritis means water drops from the rocks. In combination, parang and tumaritis becomes parangtritis. A guy named Dipokusuma created this name. It was happened when he was on his meditation. He did this ritual on his escape. He was escaping from the Majapahit kingdom. It was happened in about 13th century.

Senapati met Kalijaga in this beach. Senapati is the king of Majapahit. While, Kalijaga is a priest or saint. He gave advice to Senapati to became a king. Therefore, this beach is important, esp. for people of Java.

Parangtritis also has a myth in it. People believe about the existence of the Queen of South or Nyo Roro Kidul. They believe that this beach is the door to her kingdom in the Indian Ocean. The king of Yogya conducts a ritual in this beach to maintain a good relationship with the Queen. People also believe that the Queen loves green color. So, it is not advisable to wear green clothing in this beach. Because, she will take this people as her legion.

Map of Parangtritis beach
Location of Parangtritis beach in the south coast in between Jakarta and Bali

Geomorphology of Parangtritis

Beside of the myth of Queen of South or Nyi Roro Kidul, there is a logical reason behind it. Parangtritis beach is part of Indian Ocean. Indian Ocean has big waves. It has rip current as the meeting point of two big waves. It resulted a big back wave with speed up to 80 km per hour. That’s why this beach has a deadly wave.

Regarding to the green color, there is also a logic reason. The color of ocean is blue. Blue color is close to green. So, people with green clothing will be mix with the color of the ocean. It will make difficulties for guard to help.

In conclusion, it is advisable to stay safe in Parangtritis beach. Always obey the rules. And, pay attention to any warnings. Above all, Parangtritis is worth to visit.

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