Park Ivory Coast Must Visit

Ivory Coast or Côte d’Ivoire is a country in southern coast of West Africa. As a country in Africa, there are several beautiful parks worth to visit. Below are the places of national park in Ivory Coast.

Abokonamekro Animal Park

Located 60 km from Yamoussoukro, the Abokonamékro National Park covers an area of ​​21,000 ha. You can discover Elephants, Buffaloes, Buffalo Cobs, Rhinoceros, Giraffes. Its accommodation center under construction and its easy access, by road (the North motorway) or by air (Charter or Air Ivoire flights), are certain assets to make it one of the main attractions of the central region.

Asagny National Park in Ivory Coast

Located 100 km from Abidjan at the mouth of the Bandama, Asagny National Park covers 19,400 ha. Surrounded by water at 60%, the flora consists essentially of swampy savanna with palm trees. Elephants, bush pigs, buffaloes, monkeys (Chimpanzee Islands), several species of birds, live there in perfect harmony. The navigable Asagny Canal, allows boat trips and is equipped with Miradors, offering a breathtaking view of the surrounding nature. Easily accessible by road (La Côtière), or by air (Kossou airport), many possibilities are offered to tourists for their accommodation, at the hotel camp, not far from the park, or in Grand-Lahou.

Banco National Park

In the heart of Abidjan, bordering the northern highway, Banco National Park is an example of primary forest (Arboretum), with wood species that have become rare (mahogany, avodirés …). Numerous birds and monkeys live on Banco. Paths for walkers have been created. Due to its proximity to the city, many hotels of all categories allow easy accommodation.

Comoé National Park of Ivory Coast

Founded in 1968 under the name of “Réserve de Bouna”, the Comoé national park located in Bouna is undoubtedly the oldest and most important park in Côte d’Ivoire, due to its area of ​​1,150,000 ha, with 500 km of tracks suitable for motor vehicles, and also because of the importance and variety of its fauna: Elephants, Buffalos, Buffalo Cobs, Lions, Hippos, Cynocephalans, several birds … Many and charming hotels have were built in the villages surrounding the Park: in Kaffalo, Wangofitini, Kapkin, Ganser … Access to the park is facilitated by the construction of a landing strip near the park. The road is paved to Bondoukou, 180 km from Bouna.

The Marine Park on the Ehotiles Islands

Located near Adiaké, on the Aby lagoon, east of Abidjan, the Ehotiles Islands are actually made up of six islands: Monobahas, Niamoan, Bitouaté, Élouamé, N’Gremon and Bossou Assouan. In 1974, a marine park was created on these islands, the primary purpose of which is to allow historians and archaeologists around the world to carry out scientific research, in complete tranquility. With a total area of ​​500 ha, the fauna is mainly aquatic. It is reached by land (Adiaké) and by the Ebrié lagoon.

La Marahoué National Park

Covering an area of ​​101,000 ha, and located in the Bouaflé region, north of the tarmac road (coming from Yamoussokro and going to Daloa), the Marahoué Park offers its visitors a quality environment that is perfectly laid out for welcome them ; the park has, in fact, a reception and accommodation center, several watchtowers, pools of crocodiles, buffaloes, hippos, etc. Here, forest and savanna animals coexist harmoniously: Elephants, Bongos, Buffaloes, Cynocephali, etc …

Mount Peko Park in Ivory Coast

Renowned for its vegetation (mountain flora and primary forest) and located a few kilometers from Duékoué, this park takes its name from Mount Peko, which has an altitude above 1000 m. Covering an area of ​​more than 34,000 ha, the Mont Peko park has a large and varied fauna, composed among other things of Elephants, Panthers, Buffaloes, Cephalophes, Monkeys, etc. Several hotels in Duékoué and the paved road Abidjan-Duékoué, or by air in the direction of Man, allow tourists easy access and quality accommodation.

Mont Sangbe National Park

Located north of Man and west of the Sassandra River, straddling Biankouman and Touba, the Mont Sangbé National Park, with its 95,000 ha of area, is the tourist extension of Man and its region. Being entirely located in mountainous areas (14 peaks of more than 1000 m in the Toura mountains), this park is particularly rich in game and covered with very dense flora. Elephants, Buffaloes, Antelopes and monkeys make up most of its fauna. The Mont Sangbé national park is accessible by land, (bypass road to Biankouma and Touba), and by plane in the direction of Man (air Ivoire).

Tai National Park

The Taï National Park (350,000 ha) takes its name from the town of Taï, located along the western border, south of Guiglo and some 100 km north of Tabou. Classified “World Heritage” in the United Nations MAB program, it contains many quality forest species and is a renowned scientific and medicinal research site. Populated by several species of animals, dwarf hippos, zebra duikers, Jentink, Bogon, Elephants, etc., Taï National Park is in full development. There is great accommodation, in Taï itself, but also in Guiglo and Soubré. The road is paved to Guiglo and Soubré, and it is possible to get there by air to San Pédro.

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