Pecel Java traditional salad

Pecel with rice (or nasi pecel) is a typical Javanese cuisine. We can find it in many places in Indonesia, especially in Java island. It is a food that uses vegetables and peanut sauces as the main ingredients. No one knows where pecel exactly comes from. Some areas have claimed to own its typical of pecel. But, the most famous one is the Madiun pecel or the pecel originally from Madiun regency in East Java province. Due to its popularity, it is possible that pecel is coming from that area. It is in the border of Central and East Java. That’s why then it is popular with pecel as Java traditional salad.

Even though, some people estimate that pecel is originally from Ponorogo, the neighbor of Madiun. It is due to the culinary of Ponorogo chicken satay and the fried bulb that uses peanut sauce as the main ingredients, which are also the main ingredients for pecel. This culinary is similar to the hodgepodge, although there are differences in the materials to cook it.

Pecel Java traditional salad’s ingredients

The concoction of boiled vegetables and side dishes are placed on a winnowing bamboo or banana leaf is different from the town in Java with another. However, pieces of string beans, bean sprouts, cucumbers, cassava leaves, basil leaves, topped with peanut sauces are a blend of the most common. In addition, there are variations that add spinach leaves, leaves of sesbania, krai (a type of cucumber), and a sprinkling of lamtoro (or river tamarind). Then, pour peanut sauce over pecel. We call it as “spice of pecel” which consisting of herbs, brown sugar, salt, chilly, lime leaves, and roasted peanuts mixed, crushed, and pulverized. There is also the added lime leaves, garlic, and tamarind in a mixture of water to be passed by the peanut sauces.

Generally, in every district in East Java, there is a pecel cuisine. Pecel using the original flavor of the corresponding characteristic pungent spicy dishes of East Java. However, in reality, people know pecel as typical Madiun cuisine, even though some people say not so.

It does not matter about history, in reality, pecel Java traditional salad cuisine has now become one of the typical Indonesian food. In East Java itself, pecel usually served for breakfast. People serve it with crackers which also differ from one area to the other. If you visit Indonesia, especially in East Java, don’t miss to taste the pecel and feel the sensation in your tongue!