Selarong Cave Yogya

Yogya is one of tourist destination in Indonesia. It is number two after Bali. Bali has a lot of tourist destination. Similarly, Yogya also has many. There are man-made and natural spots. Beside mountains and beaches, there are some caves. For example, there is a Selarong cave. It is in Yogya. Moreover, it is in Kembangputihan village, Pajangan sub-district, Bantul district, Yogyakarta province. This cave is part of Yogya history. So, people knows it as Goa Selarong (Selarong cave) of Yogya.

History of Selarong cave Yogya

There are many caves in Yogya. One of it is Selarong cave. Selarong is the name of the cave. Pangeran Diponegoro was escaped to this cave from Dutch troop. He is one of Indonesia’s hero. The Dutch troop attacked and ruined his base camp in Tegalrejo. Therefore he escaped. His troop has prepared a place for him. It was out of town and out of Dutch’s sight. Together with his squad, he moved to that place. The place was Selarong cave. It is in the limestone hill. Beside out of sight, it helped him and his troop to conduct a guerilla.

This is not actually a cave with a deep hallway. But, this is just a cavity sized 3 x 3 msq. There are two main cavities. First cavity is as man cavity, and the second is women cavity. The first was for Prince Diponegoro. While, the second one was for his mistress. Originally, it were just cavities for the legion to hide from Dutch. But, now there are some facilities in there. Firstly, as a tourism spot, the access is easier. There are steps as stairs to the cave. Secondly, there is a play ground. Thirdly, there are toilets. Fourth, there is a small mosque to pray.

How to go to Selarong?

It is about 9 km away from Yogya city to the southwest. But, there is no public transportation to go there. We need to rent a car or taxi. To rent a car, it will cost us USD 50 per day. While, to ride a taxi, it will cost us about USD 10 for one-way. Because this is not a popular tourism spot, rather a historical heritage, we recommend you to read a literature first before coming.