Songgoriti Natural Tourism

Welcome to the natural tourism Songgoriti. What? Natural tourism? You could say Songgoriti natural tourism because in Songgoriti presenting more nature although in addition there is also water tourism in the form of swimming pools.

In addition to swimming pools, you can find hot spring baths where the source of pure water contains sulfur whose properties can nourish the skin, especially hot spring here is highly recommended to try. The spring is very natural, not artificial, and now is the time for you to blend with nature by enjoying the hot water coming out of their land.

In this Songgoriti tour, you can find more than one unique tour. Forget about swimming pools and hot spring baths, let’s move on to their temple. Don’t be surprised, East Java also has a temple. The shape is very typical, the dimensions are between 14.36 m x 10.10 m and the height reaches 2.44 m.

For more details about Songgoriti, consider the following interesting things.

Interesting things from Malang Songgoriti

As explained above, Songgoriti has a lot of charm and treats to visitors. In this one tourist spot, there are many things you can enjoy. We summarize these things into interesting things from natural tourism Songgoriti.

● Enjoy a hot shower at Tirta Nirwana Songgoriti

Here you can enjoy the hot springs, precisely in Tirta Nirvana. It is often said that Tirta Nirvana is a paradise for water. It is true because water tourism does not only provide swimming pools.

There is also an artificial lake, even more, unique when in the middle of the artificial lake there are three points that the people there call an island. To get to the three islands in the middle of the lake, you can use a boat or water bicycle.

It could also cross the curved bridge to get to the three islands earlier. The place is really beautiful there, you make the photo spot is no less cool to meet your Instagram feed.

Anyway, complete, want to go to the pool of ordinary water, or warm, all available there. And last but not least, there is a special pool for children and adults. So that all ages can enjoy the standing water there.

● See cultural relics in the form of temples

The name is Temple Songgoriti, also called Supo Temple. The inventor of this temple was named Van I Issedijk in 1799 ago. Its location is close to Tirta Nirwana Songgoriti.

Here, it is not difficult to find fresh air, a comfortable atmosphere, and again, finding hot water baths here is also not difficult. In this temple, the source of hot water comes, including hot water in Tirta Nirwana yes also from here.

There is something unique about their temple. Besides being smaller in size, the Songgoriti temple also has a hot spring under its temple. And right in the middle of the water source, poking cold water out between the hot springs.

● Downhill in Songgoriti

The location of the tour that can stimulate your adrenaline is in the area of ​​Klemuk hill. The tourists who want to try down the cliff using bicycles are provided with two tracks as an option.

On the first track, the track is often used as a national downhill race place. While the second track tends to be more extreme. For those whose abilities are still below standard, don’t try because this concerns your safety.

● Can play paragliding in Songgoriti

Do not stop until downhill, there are also tours that are not less tense especially if not paragliding.

Paragliding activities carried out from the top of Mount Lots. Make no mistake about this tour, and don’t underestimate the place where you do paragliding. Because there are often paragliding competitions on an international level.

And for those of you who don’t know how to play paragliding, you are provided a guide. Your job there is simply to fly without doing anything but screaming.

● Shop for cheap goods at the Songgoriti Tourist Market

Songgoriti Market is a popular market either in the Songgoriti area or Batu city. Here you can find goods at affordable prices but still good quality.

Shopping for souvenirs in Songgoriti is also suitable. Not only for souvenirs, but culinary tourism in this market can also, just complete. Almost all items are sold here. You can even find pets in the market.

The concept that Songgoriti made is traditional. Nevertheless, the dirty, clumsy, or not tidy impression that we often encounter in traditional markets in general, we cannot even get at the Songgoriti Market.

It is also located close to downhill and paragliding tours. So when you go there, don’t forget to stop by the market.

Ticket prices for Malang Songgoriti

Only with Rp 10,000 – 15,000 you can enter the Malang Songgoriti tour. But these costs do not include other tours that you will enter.

Even so, there are also free tours, for example, to the Songgoriti temple.

Songgoriti Malang Location

It is located on Jalan Raya Songgoriti, Songgokerto, Kec. Batu, Kota Batu, East Java 65312.

To more easily find its position, just use Google Maps.

That’s all Songgoriti’s information. Hopefully this will help you.