Sunyaragi Cave Cirebon

Indonesia is an archipelago. There are more than 17,000 islands in Indonesia. One of the most populous island is Java. And, there are 6 provinces in Java island. First, Banten province. Second, Jakarta capital city. Thirdly, West Java province. Fourth, Central Java province. Five, Yogyakarta special region. And lastly, East Java province. Each place has interesting places to visit. One of it is Sunyaragi cave in Cirebon, West Java.

History of Sunyaragi Cave in Cirebon

The name of Sunyaragi came from the Sanskrit language. It consists of two words. Sunya means quiet, and ragi means soul. So, sunyaragi has a meaning of calm soul. It has a relation with the place because this place is a place to meditate.

During the kingdom era, the Sultan of Cirebon and his royal family used this place for rest and meditate. The Sultan of Cirebon was Prince Kararangen. He built the cave on 1703. He built it as the replacement from the original place. Because, the original place became the kings funeral complex. The name of the complex is Astana Gunung Jati.

As a place for rest and meditation, it had several facilities. For example, a praying place, an ablution, a meditation place, etc. He built it not just for meditation. So, he added more facilities. It became a royal resort and water castle. It consisted of several caves with its functions. For instance, the Jinem ward for the Sultan to give advice and soldiers training, the guardians cave for the sultan’s guardians to rest, pandekemasang cave to create weapons, simanyang cave as the security checkpoint, langse cave as the rest area, peteng cave for meditation to train body resistant from weapons, arga jumud cave for VIP, padang ati cave for meditation, kelanggengan cave to pray to retain the power, lawa cave for bats, pawon cave as the kitchen.

Sunyaragi cave and water castle is belongs to Cirebon palace, specifically the Kasepuhan palace. The local government and the palace have renovated the complex for several times. Previously, it was abandoned and neglected. But, now it is an interesting place to visit.

How to go to the cave?

Cirebon is not a big city. The Sunyaragi cave is not too far from the train station and city center. It is just about 7 km away. Firstly, we can take a train to go to Cirebon. From the main train station (Kejaksan train station), we can take a taxi. It is not expensive. It just cost $2 – 5. But, if you want to take a public transportation, you can take a small bus code D5, which will cost you $1.

There is also a fee in the compound. It is an entrance fee. We need to pay $1 per person. There is also a tour guide available. We have to pay $3 – 4 for a tour guide. As a tourism spot, there are also some photo spots, souvenir shops, parking lot, restaurants, toilets, etc.