Monuments in India

Known for its Maharajas, tigers and elephants, India is a multifaceted country that fascinates history and culture enthusiasts. According to an old Indian legend of the town of Agra, visitors who turn away from the Taj Mahal return there, the attraction of the palace being very powerful. India is renowned for the diversity of its […]

The most beautiful beaches of Aruba

Beautiful, very beautiful, superb … It is difficult to choose from all the beaches of Aruba. Are you looking for the finest or whitest sand, or the most crystalline water? Or maybe a shallow place, suitable for children? Or why not an impressive place, or even a festive one? Whatever you want, you will find […]

Beautiful Beaches in Africa

Africa has quite a few beautiful beaches, here are some of them from Morocco to Mauritius. What to dream of… Its spots are called La Sarga, Foum el Bouir, Arish or La pointe d’Or and each year there is a world kite-surfing championship. Between the Sahara Desert and the Atlantic Ocean, Dakhla remains away from […]

Most beautiful beaches in France

No need to go to the other side of the planet and explode your carbon footprint. The most beautiful beaches in France are there at your feet and they are waiting for you! The large beach of Biarritz – Pyrénées AtlantiqueA city beach, water at 23 degrees in summer, long breaking waves, this is paradise. […]

Beautiful beaches in Asia

What are the most beautiful beaches in Asia? Here is the Top 8! Written by Viaggiare Lavorando in Asia The best beaches in Asia are waiting for you for days of relaxation and exploration, giving you great feelings of well-being and projecting you into a parallel world, light years away from our daily lives. Sea, […]

Beaches in South Africa

Discovering South Africa is not only exploring the cities, making beautiful face-to-face meetings with wild fauna and living immersions in the heart of preserved parks… it is also discovering beautiful wild and immaculate beaches. across the country, between the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Indian Ocean to the east. On all the beaches […]

Kurgaldzhinsky reserve Kazakhstan

Kurgaldzhinsky reserve is one of the beautiful sites in Kazakhstan, Central Asia. It is famous for its rich world of animals, lakes full of fish, and flocks of pink flamingoes. Location: The reserve is located in the Kurgaldzhinsky district of the Akmola region, 130 km southwest of Astana. Brief: Kurgaldzhin State Nature Reserve is located […]

Karatau Nature Reserve

Karatau Nature Reserve is one of the nature reserves in Kazakhstan, Central Asia. Precisely, its location is in the central part of the Karatau ridge, which is a branch of the northwestern arches of the Tien Shan in the territory of the South Kazakhstan region. Location: The reserve territory occupies the southern slope of the […]

Barsakelmes Nature Reserve

Barsakelmes Nature Reserve is a wildlife refuge on the former island of Barsa-Kelmes in Kyzylorda Region of Kazakhstan, in Central Asia. Location: The reserve is located in the Aral region of the Kyzylorda region, 300 km south-west of Aralsk and 210 km west of Kazalinsk. Brief: The total area of ​​the protected area is 105,879 […]

Almaty Reserve Kazakhstan

Almaty Reserve in Kazakhstan is an amazing mountain forest and steppe landscape. The reserve is located on the territory of the Issyk and Talgar rivers. It covers an area of ​​71,700 ha. The central estate is located in Talgar, 25 km from Almaty. Description The Almaty Reserve of Kazakhstan has a difficult history. It was […]