Selarong Cave Yogya

Yogya is one of tourist destination in Indonesia. It is number two after Bali. Bali has a lot of tourist destination. Similarly, Yogya also has many. There are man-made and natural spots. Beside mountains and beaches, there are some caves. For example, there is a Selarong cave. It is in Yogya. Moreover, it is in […]

Beringharjo Market Yogya

Market is one of the pillar for a city. A city will need a market to support their economic activities. It’s not just for a modern city. But, also for an empire. A kingdom also need a market. Likewise with the Javanese kingdom. One of the Javanese kingdom is the Yogyakarta palace. The Yogya palace […]

Merapi Mountain Yogya

Indonesia is an archipelago. It consists thousand of islands. Totally, there are more than 17,000 islands. Indonesia lies in the ring of fire. Indonesia has a lot of mountains. And, the majority is still active. Ring of fire is a path. It lies along the Pacific Ocean. Whereas, there are many disasters. The type is […]

Parangtritis Beach Yogya

Yogya is one of tourist destination in Indonesia. There are a lot of places to go including beaches. This is because Yogya is in the south coast of Java island. That’s why Yogya has many beautiful beaches. And, one of the beach is Parangtritis. It is very popular since long time a go. People already […]

Malioboro Street Yogya

Yogya is the second most famous tourist destination in Indonesia. Number one is Bali. Bali has been internationally popular. And, similar to Bali, Yogya also gain its popularity because of its tradition. There are a lot of places to visit in Yogya. One of the must visit is the Malioboro street. Malioboro is the name […]

Ngasem Bird Market

Yogya is one of the tourist destination in Indonesia. The city is full with cultural ambient, because Yogya is the only kingdom province in Indonesia. The king of Yogya is Sultan. And, Sultan is also the governor of the province. The Sultan kingdom is one of the popular tourist destination in Yogya. The Sultan kingdom […]

Lurik Java clothing

Aside from batik, Javanese people also has lurik as their traditional clothing. Lurik is a pattern in a piece of fabric. We can find lurik in Java since a long time ago. Lurik is not as expensive as batik. Lurik as Java clothing is cheaper than batik. It is quite easy to find lurik in […]

Batik Java Clothing

Ethically we need clothing to cover our body. Even though that there are small portion of people in the world still considered as naked. But, most of us are wearing clothing. And, there are various modes of clothing in the world. There is a probe says that we are what we wear. Or, our clothing […]

Gudeg Java Traditional food

Every place has its own traditional food. So as in Java Island of Indonesia. There are many traditional foods in Java. Most of it is sweet food, and one of it is gudeg. Gudeg is Java traditional food, and we can find gudeg in Yogya or Solo. However, gudeg in Yogya has major difference than […]

Yogya or Jogja

Yogya or Jogja is one of the popular destination for tourist in Indonesia, after Bali. Most people visit Yogyakarta because its easy access from Jakarta. It is also located in the middle of the island of Java. So, it is very convenience for people to go to. Yogyakarta or Yogya or Jogja? The formal name […]