Trawas East Java

Are you looking for Trawas travel destinations that are fun and provide an exciting experience for you and your family? Relax, there are many tourist destinations in Trawas, Mojokerto, which you can try to explore. Trawas itself is located at the foot of Mount Arjuno, Mount Welirang, and Mount Penaggungan so that the atmosphere in this area is very cool. Precisely, this tourism spot is Trawas nature park in Mojokerto district of East Java province, Indonesia.

Trawas East Java & Around

There are several tourist attractions that you can visit if you are in Trawas including:

1. Mermaid Trawas Hill

Duyung Trawas Hill is one of the very pleasant tourist spots to visit while on vacation. This tourist spot is in the Duyung Village, Trawas.

There are adequate facilities in Duyung Trawas Hill to pamper its visitors.

Games that are provided are outbound areas, large swimming pools, playgrounds, and zoos.

With this vehicle, it is not surprising that these tourist attractions are increasingly in demand by tourists. This tourist spot has very beautiful scenery and the air is very cool.

For those of you who like unique photos, Duyung Trawas Hill is also one of the best hunting spots in Trawas and one of the pride of Mojokerto tourist destinations because it is very instagrammable.

2. Coban Canggu Trawas East Java

Coban Canggu is a waterfall located at the foot of Welirang Mountain.

This one waterfall will give you a sense of calm and comfort because the roar of the flowing water.

This waterfall has a height of about 80 meters and has a beautiful cliff wall ornament.

The flow of the waterfall in Coban Canggu is also very clear especially because this tourist spot is surrounded by many trees so that it adds a beautiful and cool impression.

For those of you who are looking for a relaxing tourist spot, then come to Coban Canggu because this place will relax your body instantly, you will not regret if you have set foot on this one tourist spot.

3. The Pines Taman Dayu Trawas East Java

The Pines Taman Dayu is a Pandaan tourist spot in Pasuruan. Its entrance is a tourist spot which is a camping area that is highly sought after by many people because it is a very pleasant place.

In addition to providing camping sites, The Pines Taman Dayu is equipped with various adequate facilities such as bathrooms in each camping location, prayer room, ablution place, and amusement rides.

The game rides provided by The Pines Taman Dayu are outbound, flying fox, paintball, and several other exciting games.

4. Villa Puncak Trawas East Java

Villa Puncak Trawas is a villa at the peak with swimming pool facilities that attract many tourists to visit it.

You can enjoy swimming pools in several luxurious and elegant villas available at Puncak Trawas. Feel the sensation of swimming on the hill with epic views.

Unfortunately to be able to enjoy this view and the cool swimming pool at the top, you have to rent a villa.

If you bring relatives, then renting this villa will be a pleasant holiday experience.

5. Watu Ondo Trawas East Java

One of the beautiful waterfalls beside the Canggu Trial is the Watu Ondo waterfall. This waterfall can be found in the Forest Park area of ​​Raden Soerojo, Mojokerto.

This waterfall is a twin waterfall that has a very heavy flow of water. However, to get to these tourist attractions, you must be extra careful because the road conditions are still slippery.

Interestingly, the flow in Watu Ondo is each stratified and has different characteristics from each other so it is called Watu Ondo.

This waterfall has a height of 75 and 40 meters. The rocks under the flow of Watu Ondo waterfall are very interesting and can be a good photo spot for those of you who like photography.

6. Pacet Mini Park Trawas Mojokerto

Pacet mini park Mojokerto is one of the tourist destinations in Trawas, Pacet, Mojokerto, precisely on Jalan Raya Mojosari kilometer 55, Warugunung Village, Pacet Mojokerto.

As the name implies, this tourist spot has a garden concept that is suitable for family recreation.

Accompanied by a beautiful natural panorama around you, you will feel comfortable to linger in this one tourist spot.

Pacet mini-park Mojokerto also has various activities because it provides facilities such as bumpers, ATVs, flying fox and surfboards.

To get into this tourist attraction, you only need to pay an entrance ticket of Rp. 5000 does not include enjoying the ride.

7. Sleeping Buddha Statue Mahavihara Trawas

Sleeping Buddha Statue Mahavihara Mojopahit is one of the most iconic statues in Indonesia, you don’t need to go far to Thailand just to be able to take pictures with the iconic Buddhist statues.

This sleeping Buddha statue is located on Jl. Raya Trowulan, Siti Inggil, Bejijong, Trowulan, Mojokerto. This sleeping Buddha statue of Mahavihara has a very long size reaching 22 meters.

You can take pictures with this Buddha statue while looking at the temple building behind it which has a unique and distinctive architecture.

In addition to presenting a large sleeping Buddha statue, there are still other sculptures that you can photograph, only with a smaller size.

There is also a miniature Borobudur temple that can be an interesting background for your photos.

Culinary Tourism Destinations in Trawas

It’s not complete when it’s in Trawas, Mojokerto but you don’t enjoy the culinary delights of this region. What culinary tours can be tried on Trawas?

8. Fresh Green Trawas

Fresh Green is in durian gardens or precisely located in Duyung, Trawas, Buntal, Duyung, Trawas, Mojokerto.

This dining place has a very cool atmosphere because it is in the mountains and the place is so clean.

This eating place serves a variety of foods such as soto (rice soup), gado-gado (vegetable salad), and drinks that are served very typical namely ote ote alas.

9. Raos Trawas Spring

Sendang Raos is located on Jalan Raya Trawas-Mojosari KM. 15, Tumpul Teak, Jatijejer, Trawas, Mojokerto.

This eatery is very suitable to be visited with family because of its spacious place and low price, in this dining area there are also children’s playgrounds, prayer rooms, and fish ponds.

10. SRI Trawas Fried Chicken Palace

SRI Istana Ayam Goreng is located at Jl. Dr. Soetomo no. 3-4, Pandaan, Pasuruan and serves typical fried chicken.

You can find this restaurant while on your way to the Tretes or Trawas areas. Fried chicken in this place is very legendary because of its delicious taste.

11. Cak Gundul Crab Pandaan Trawas

For those of you who want to eat delicious crabs, just visit the Cak Gundul Crab Pandaan located on Pandaan street Km. 48, Sumber Gedang, Pasuruan. This eating place serves crab which marinades seep into the meat.

For those of you who want to explore Trawas, don’t miss some of the tourist attractions above.

Don’t forget to sample the Trawas culinary that you can try on your way to the tourist attractions.