Yogya or Jogja

Yogya or Jogja is one of the popular destination for tourist in Indonesia, after Bali. Most people visit Yogyakarta because its easy access from Jakarta. It is also located in the middle of the island of Java. So, it is very convenience for people to go to.

Yogyakarta or Yogya or Jogja?

The formal name of the region is Special Region of Yogyakarta province. It is one among the all 34 provinces in Indonesia. It is in the southern part of Central Java province. The location is in the middle and southern cost of the Java island. While its formal name is Yogyakarta, but most people shorten it into Yogya and the pronunciation is Jogja. So, Yogyakarta or Yogya or Jogja has the same meaning. People use it interchangeably.

Why Yogya or Jogja is Special?

The history of Yogyakarta is started from the Mataram kingdom in Java in 17th century. During the rule of King Hamangkurat II, he moved the Mataram palace from Plered (currently in Bantul, Yogyakarta) to Kartasura (currently in Surakarta). Then, because of internal and external conflict with VOC (the Netherlands business organization in Java), the king of Surakarta kingdom made an agreement with VOC to split the area. It was in 1755 and took place in Giyanti. The agreement then known as Giyanti treaty. The king of Surakarta kingdom agreed that Mangkubumi (his brother) would rule part of the region. The new kingdom name is Yogyakarta.

Surakarta Kingdom ruled by the king of Pakubuwono, and Yogyakarta ruled by the king of Hamengkubuwono. To this date, the king of Pakubuwono XIII is ruling the kingdom of Surakarta, and the king of Hamengkubuwono X is ruling the kingdom of Yogyakarta.

During the World War II, the Netherlands made an invasion to the region including Java island where Surakarta and Yogyakarta kingdoms located. After Indonesia proclaimed its independence on 17 August 1945, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX who is ruling the Yogyakarta kingdom declared its support to the newly established nation. Due to its big support, then the government of Indonesia give the special status to the province. Sultan Hamengkubuwono is the only one king in the country who is also as the governor of the province. That’s why Yogya or Jogja is special province.

How to go to Jogja

It is very easy to reach Yogya or Jogya. The distance is about 562 km from Jakarta, the capitol city of Indonesia. We can use air plane, train, bus , or private/ rental car to go to Yogya. By plane, it will require 50 minutes to fly. While by land (train/ bus/ car), it will need approx. 10 hours.